Thank you for choosing the club registration component for joomla 3. Feel free to take a tour of the extension, you can get a more details about the component from

Login Details:

Front End: Username : Demo, Password : Demo.

The site gets refreshed every month at midnight. If you have any problem using the component Please contact us asap.

Some of the features include the following

Frontend Features

  1. Communication manager, to send email and sms to team members
  2. Render an expression of interest (eoi) page for senior players and guardians of junior players.
  3. Comfirm registration of eoi, to create registered club members.
  4. Filter club members based on player types, gender, groups subgroups, email, post code, name.
  5. Register new club members {Guardian of Junior Players with multiple junior players, Single junior Players, Senior Players}
  6. Enter emergency contact details and other details.
  7. Add private or public notes for each player
  8. Add payment details for each player.
  9. Add asset details for each player, such as wickets, bats etc
  10. Upload files for each player.
  11. Add profile pictures for each player
  12. Get a list of all birthdays due in the next couple of weeks
  13. Team members and team leaders can modify their club information if they wish to.


Backend Features.

Team Member Features.

  1. Link registered joomla users to have access to the component.
  2. Unlink team members from the component.
  3. Grant Access to each user to perform registration task.
  4. Manage configuation list within clubreg3 create a list of properties or member information for each team member, by default the following are included Email Address,Member's Position,Member Number,Club History,School Attending,Quote,About,Height and Weight,Favourite Player,Nicknames,Hometown,Nationality,Residence,Date of Birth,Joining Date,Leaving Date
  5. Grant team memeber access to edit these information in the front end.
  6. Create a report of all properties.
  7. Create a view page for each team member.

Group Features.

  1. Create groups and sub groups.
  2. Set up meeting time and group types ie senior or junior group types. more config items can be added by modifiying the confix_items.xml files.(email support)
  3. Assign team leaders , assign multiple team members.
  4. Create a view page for each group, listing the players within that group as well as the team members and team leaders.

Template Features.

  1. Create and edit templates.
  2. By default a template is created, which is rendered when an eoi is submitted.